Goddess Aviva is an expert and lifestyle dominatrix with breathtaking foot

She has a tried-and-true foot care routine to keep them not only stunning for her submissives but healthy for herself while they are indeed naturally gorgeous. Several of her male submissive clients arrive at her to indulge a foot fetish, an intimate fetish Goddess Aviva claims is fairly normal. (Indeed, a foot fetish is among the list of most frequent fetishes, as well as a source that is healthy of in lots of individuals’s intercourse lives.)

A base fetish is significantly diffent for every single individual that has one, but usually involves a want to worship foot through going for massage treatments or kissing them. People that have base fetishes could also get sexual joy from tasks with facets of humiliation, as an example having some body rub their legs in it: This work may be component on an electric change for which submissives cede control for their domme. We begged Goddess Aviva to share with you she kindly obliged with us her secret foot beauty routine, and. Into the goddess’s own terms, here is exactly how she gets her heavenly foot.

1. Exfoliate the feet within the bath employing a stone that is pumice.

“I wash them frequently. Whenever I shower i take advantage of a pumice rock, a brown normal one, to help make my foot actually soft and steer clear of calluses. We simply take actually proper care of my foot. It’s essential; we invest therefore enough time on our foot through the day. They carry us through life and deserve large amount of love.”

2. Try coconut oil as opposed to human body cream.

“I prefer coconut oil being a moisturizer. After I’ve used my pumice rock, we get free from the bath and slather my entire body in coconut oil — specially your toes. Then put socks on and rest using them on. if you would like do additional moisturizing, once you’ve pumiced and exfoliated, slather on coconut luve sex oil and”

3. Choose for gel polish for durable and pedicures that are long-lasting.

“we feel nude if we don’t have pedicure. We verify We have a gel mani-pedi all the time. We have fits in done simply because they last a considerable amount of time and I’m utilizing my legs in sessions a whole lot, therefore I need to make sure the polish isn’t likely to chip. Submissives will often request to paint my toes. They often don’t learn how to paint well, but that may additionally be an enjoyable task that is humiliating. If they’re perhaps not carrying it out well, you’ll discipline them for this. But i leave pedicures to your specialists.”

4. Adjust your nail enamel according to the period.

“we have requests from submissives for red or dark colors, such as for example a deep red or black colored. Sometimes it is red. Those would be the most frequent, nevertheless the colors I wear modification according to the season. Wen the summertime We have a tendency to decide on a pale red. In the autumn and cold weather, i’m blood that is usually doing or even a wine red, or something like that deeper that’s nearly black colored.”

5. Rock a signature nail color — but above all, wear everything you want (you’re the goddess).

“The colors the submissives have a tendency to actually enjoy are a number of my favorites. I actually do love pinks, black colored, and reds. There’s this Sally Hansen gel nail color called ‘Pat regarding the Ebony.’ It’s a truly deep red that is nearly black colored.”

6. Don’t forget to extend in the event that you wear heels.

“Anyone using heels for a regular foundation requirements in order to make sure they’re extending their legs and pampering them a bit additional. For my own flavor in footwear, i actually do love a pointy heel. I’ve these patent leather stilettos that I’m loving recently. Open toe is definitely good, in order to show down your pedicure. Submissives have a tendency to discover the greater the heel, the sexier. I think it is simply because they take pleasure in the more dangerous-looking shoes. With putting on extremely comfortable footwear aswell. should you too love heels, make yes you’re balancing it”

7. Treat your self to base massage treatments (or look for a submissive wanting to service you).

“for a number of submissives, it is a joy that is great honor to aid pamper their goddess or mistress. I attempt to get yourself a base therapeutic massage every time We have session. I believe that We have a fetish for base massage treatments. Your toes are a tremendously effective the main human body. They deserve that extra love if you are on your feet all day.

“In a session, it may be integrated in a manner that is both an honor and humiliating. This is the part of your body that is touching the ground from one end. There might be a basic idea that your particular legs are dirty and that some body really should not be pressing them. That aspect which can be embarrassing for the submissive, particularly if they’ve been actually dirty from walking on.

“There’s also this facet of the energy dynamic of experiencing a submissive worshipping the feet. There’s perhaps the notion of Mary Magdalene washing your feet of Jesus. The work of caring for someone’s foot is quite effective. Additionally, it is only a way that is great anyone to show appreciation and admiration with their goddess and their mistress. In cases where a submissive is asking for you wear heels, that they had better be massaging your own feet.”

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